Daily Insight – You Are Unique

Daily Insight – You Are Unique
“No two human beings are the same. Everyone of 7.6 billion people living on earth today look and act different because nature doesn’t make copies. Each of us arrives as an original, totally unique. It’s up to us to figure out our uniqueness. Are you aware of what makes you unique?” – Billionaires Secrets

Greetings my friends and fans. I have come with a good news today to inform you that you are unique which should make you proud. When you find out your uniqueness and fan it, you will become a legend and an icon. Your uniqueness is what God expect you to use so as to become great in life. Lack of understanding of what is our uniqueness and poor use of it is the reason so many people have continued to live as mediocre and under-archievers.
Again, many people have left their uniqueness and have been admiring other people’s uniqueness. That is the reason you see an artisan living well while a university graduate is wallowing in abject poverty. The greatest mistake we can make and the greatest undoing to ourselves, and God is to think that your uniqueness is irrelevant to your generation. Be you an artist, marketer, petty trader, footballer, teacher, priest, civil servant, engineer, nurse, etc, you can make name with it.
If you have not discovered what you uniqueness is, try as much as you can to find out. I can help you to do so if you don’t know or you are still in doubt if you contact me. As you find out what makes you unique, and begin to develop and use it, you will definitely become a sought after in your neighbourhood. If it is to fry bean cake, be a mechanic, become a medical doctor or whatever may be your uniqueness, do it with zest and passion. Be proactive and innovative in it so that you will end up becoming a legend.

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