Daily Insight – Live Out Your Dream And Stop Pleasing Everybody

Daily Insight – Live Your Dream And Stop Pleasing Everybody

Welcome to another week of great opportunities to make progress and make amends of last week’s mistakes. You might have spent too many days and years trying to please other people and be what they wanted you to be. No more! There is a big difference between pleasing and serving. Service has a higher purpose. Pleasing is being in bondage & control of others. Live your dreams, not of others.
As you begin this week, be determined to live out your dream. Be determined not to please people who want you to live out their schedules and not yours. You must have your own schedule written so that it will guide you. I want you to understand that not pleasing people here shouldn’t undermine your responsibility as a public or civil servant; your responsibility as an apprentice or as worker under a boss. You have your schedule of work as a public/civil servant, an apprentice or a staff of your establishment which you should work out but I am talking in terms of personal life and relationships with others. You have to make your personal life and beliefs count or else you will never live out your dream.
Think about this as you start a new working week. In your business, your workshop, your neighbourhood and other places you will be this week, you can never please all the people. Some will misunderstand you and oppose you. Nevermind their misconceptions about your beliefs. Do your best and you will be satisfied at the end of the day. Your satisfaction matters and not the joy of the world.
Tabugbo Uzoma

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