Daily Insight – Never Let Pride Stand On Your Way

Daily Insight – Never Let Pride Stand On Your Way
When you’ve made a mistake, don’t make excuses, make apologies! Never let your pride stand in the way of healing, salvation, success, deliverance and many other blessings. You should be humble enough to admit fault and seek forgiveness.
Beloved, pride has destroyed many men and women that would have become legends and icons of their generation. Time will fail me to mention some of them. My focus this day is on the ability to empty oneself.
There is nothing that you are today or have achieved that was not given to you. You may claim that you are intelligent, beautiful, hardworking, etc and that is enough reason to be successful but do you think that you have worked harder than that day pay labourer? You may attribute it to your brain but are all lawyers, doctors and other professionals successful? No!
The lesson I want us to take to heart this day is that we should not allow what we are or what we have achieved in life to hinder us from accepting our faults and rendering apology where and when necessary. There is nothing wrong in a boss apologising to a subordinate. Our society can become a heaven on earth when we have the awareness that what we are is not meant to intimidate others but to encourage and build one another. Think about this as you go about your business. Always make apology where and when necessary.
Lots of love from your fan,

Tabugbo Uzoma

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