Daily Insight – What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Daily Insight – What Is Your Purpose In Life?
What is the meaning and purpose of your life? Why were you created? What are your aims in life? Do you think God created you to fill up numbers? Do you think God created you to come into this world and suffer? Do you think God gave you to the wrong parents? Why were you not born by Dangote, Bill Gates or Richard Bradson? You are only wasting your time if you are still asking these questions. If you don’t understand the meaning of life and the purpose of your creation, you will obviously end your life in tears and regret.
Having clarity and understanding of purpose and meaning of life is the starting point of great wealth, happiness and success in life. Everyone one of us in this world is unique and God created us for some purposes. If you are suffering lack and at the same time not happy with yourself and your work today, it probably means that you have not come into what God has called you into. Again, you have not come to understand life. You can’t be doing what God called you into and be sad. You may be suffering in what God has called you due to attacks of the enemies but there will always be joy in your heart.
Life doesn’t consist of abundance of worldly pleasures and possession rather it is the state of mind with gratitude that devoid of sadness, jealousy and envy. Many have destroyed their lives because they spend their days envying people. Why envy when you have even greater talent in you?
If you can dare to be different in life, you should have total understanding of what life is all about and why you were created. That will enable you to channel all your energy and resources towards that direction which will lead to success. When you understand why you were created it will help you to plan and work on them. You will not just be active for sake of being active but you will be active on things that are consequential and relevant; things that will create wealth, give you joy and peace. Remember Bees and Mosquitos are active insects but while Bees are praised, Mosquitos are swatted.
Care to know more about your life’s purpose, reach me with your questions here on Facebook or morgantabu@yahoo.co.uk or WhatsApp only +2348115558892
I wish you a great, rewarding and fulfilling week.

Your fan,
Tabugbo @ Asaba
© October 2018

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