Towards 2019 General Elections In Nigeria

Hello Nigerians,
We have watched with keen interest the on going drama by the Politicians scrambling for position in 2019 General Elections. We have seen imposition of candidates, removal of candidates indirectly and many other manipulations going on. These men are after their pockets.
On this special day I challenge every Nigerian especially the youths to be wary of these politicians. Most of them don’t love us. Don’t fight for them. Don’t stick your neck to snatch ballot boxes for them. The compensation they have for you cannot be greater than what they spend on their girl friends in a night. Those people you are fighting for can be friends tomorrow. Who would have believed that Kwankwaso will come to beg GEJ to support his Presidential ambition after he swept his legs off in Kano.
I charge Nigerians to vote for individuals and not party. It is only when we leave party and start voting for individuals that we can get good leaders. That will be the best way to motivate good individuals into government. As it is today we have seen PDP and APC at the Federal government level. That is enough to show us that there are not much differences between the two parties.
Let us go for individuals. I already have my candidates @ State, Senate and House of Representatives. I am still assessing candidates for Presidency and State House of Assembly. They are not in the same party.

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