A New Thing For You

Devotion for Wednesday January 2

Topic: A New Thing For You

Text: Isaiah 43:16 – 21

The Lord has promised to do a new thing for you because it is His desire to do new things for us. The new thing will not be delayed because it shall ‘spring forth now.’ 2 Peter 3:9 say that the “Lord is not slack concerning His promises” and Isaiah 40:8 confirms that “God’s word will stand forever.” A new thing from God goes with a new song; new title, new office, new privileges, new blessings, new joy, new victory and many more. When you are promoted, your level changes. However, a new thing from God can be positive or negative depending on which divide you belong.

In Exodus 14:21 -28, when God parted the Red Sea, it was a new thing. The Israelites experienced this as a way of freedom. But to Pharaoh and his men, it was a way of total destruction. When God says to His children that He will do a new thing, it means that He will move them to a level of freedom they have never known before. It also means that God is about to surprise their enemies beyond recovery. Get ready; it is your season for a new thing that will lead to a new song (Psalm 40:3) in your life, family, business and ministry in this New Year in Jesus name.

Beloved in Christ, before you hold on to a promise, you should first get to know who made the promise with the terms and conditions attached to it. The one who is making this promise to you and I is the one called Jehovah El-Shaddai – the God that is more than enough, the Almighty (Genesis 17:1). Have you known and accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour? Do you actually want to experience a new thing in this New Year? Then you have to prepare yourself and rededicate your life again to Him. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, do something now so you could enjoy the new thing packaged for you this season and beyond.

Food for Thought: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Memory verse: Isaiah 43:19

Prayer: Lord God, do a new thing in my life that will lead to a new song this month and always in Jesus name. Amen.

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