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Topic: WHY GOD BLESSED THEM         
Text: 1 Chronicles 13 verse 14   
There is nothing we do for God wholeheartedly that doesn’t have a reward. When David honoured God by killing Goliath who defiled His name and army, God honoured him by establishing him as a king. When Joseph honoured God in a foreign land, God blessed him and made him a leader. If you want the blessings of God to rest upon you, serve Him wholeheartedly. Give yourself to His service and see what will be the result.
From our scriptural reading for the day, one would have expected Obed-Edom to refuse housing the Ark of Covenant after the unfortunate incident that took the life of Uzza but he couldn’t disobey the King’s order. Moreover, he was a Levite (1 Chron. 15:18). The order from a king is always obeyed whether it is convenient or not. He accepted it in good faith. His action was like the submission of Mary to God’s message through Angel Gabriel (Lk. 1:38). Obed-Edom may also have warned his family to steer clear of the Ark of Covenant, which made the entire family to enjoy God’s blessings and peace within the period that Ark was there. It is the duty of husbands and fathers to teach their families obedience and reverence to God and all that belongs to Him. The reverence Obed-Edom and his family had on the Ark of Covenant brought blessings to them. God blessed him and all he had because of the Ark which stayed there for just 3 months.
What would have happened in the family of Obed-Edom if the Ark had stayed longer than 3 months? The fear of what might happen didn’t affect the way his family treated the Ark. Sometimes in our actions, we focus only on the blessings God gives us, while forgetting that when we sin, God punishes us (Heb 10:31). At other times, however, we concentrate so much on judgment that we miss His blessings. Don’t fall into a one-sided view of God. Along with God’s blessings comes the responsibility to live up to His demands for fairness, honesty, and justice which we must adhere to, if we desire His blessings. Let this be your watchword this day, this month and always in Jesus name. Happy new month!
Food for Thought: Do you reverence Holy Things of God?
Memory verse: 1 Chronicles 13 verse 14
Prayer: Grant me the wisdom to do things that will bring blessings to me.

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