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A Betraying Kiss – Wednesday in Holy Week

Devotion for Wednesday In Holy Week March 28, 2018
Topic: A Betraying Kiss – Wednesday in Holy Week
Text: Matthew 26:47 – 68
Naturally, kiss is an expression of love (affection) or greeting. One would easily think that the kiss Judas gave to Jesus was expression of affection or greeting judging from the definition of kiss but his was a different type of kiss – a betraying kiss. Such a traitorous kiss shows the level of deceit by Judas under the guise of friendship. That was pretence at the highest level where Judas called Jesus Rabbi while he had already betrayed Him. This is similar to what happened between Joab and Amasa in 2 Samuel 10:9, 10. Treachery is sin and has its punishment. Though Judas aided the fulfillment of the scripture by betraying his Master, he had his reward (Matthew 26:24) for making himself a tool in the hands of Satan. There are many ways we betray Jesus too. Judas did his with a kiss. Some of us do ours with lies, denial, negligence, abuse of Christian faith and many more of such shameful acts. Some of us betray Jesus due to pressures from peer group, friends, colleagues and needs. Betraying our Master is sin. As Christians, we must be careful in choosing our friends because it is easier for a friend to betray you than an enemy. Judas was a ready tool in the hands of the Chief Priest because he was an insider in the ministry of Jesus. It is my prayer that God will not allow you to have friends that will betray you in Jesus name. Sing A&M 94; Abu 171
Action: Write down some of the ways people betray one another so as to guide you from becoming a victim.
Memory verse: Matthew 26:49
Prayer: Ask God to forgive you in any way you have betrayed Him.

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