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A Warning To My Christian Sisters

A Warning To My Christian Sisters
The gospel of grace that we preach today is not an excuse for careless living and dressing. What is your gain when you wear a skirt that does not cover your knee and when you sit in the church, bible study or fellowship meetings, you use your handkerchief to cover your laps that have been exposed. Who are you deceiving?
Paul said “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:20 – NKJV). For God’s sake, there are clothes that befit Christians. Decency and moderation should be the basis for Christian dressing. Unfortunately our emphasis is quite different. When you expose the sensitive part of your body through indecent dressing and body hug dresses to show how big your buttocks are or your figure 8, who are you deceiving? Remember that the deceiver and the deceived will be cast into the lake of fire.
In such and many other dressings that expose sensitive parts and contours of your body, where is the glory of God? Where is the glory of God when you wear only one sleeve of cloth instead of normal two? Where is the glory of God when you dress without recourse to what could be termed moral standard? Remember that a day of reckoning is coming when we shall give account of what we have done without bodies.
Oh ye ladies, you are inexcusable if you belong to this group. This is a warning for all of you who think that it doesn’t matter. Devil had seen that the emphasis of some people is on skirt, gown, blouses and wrappers and decided to make the ones that will glorify him and not God. He raised tailors from the spirit world to deceive people with designs that are demonic. Unfortunately, most people don’t care. Check the designs of present day wedding gowns; go to fashion parades, go to boutique and see for yourself what people do and yet Christians patronize them because Miss A wore it yesterday. It has now become a standard. Why is it that there is no more shame in the eyes of our ladies? Where is pride of being a born again child of God?
Parents should warn their children because if they keep quiet because they feel that such dressing is what is obtainable in the present age, they will be held responsible on the last day. Please shout at the roof top for the world and heaven to vindicate you on the last day.
Dearly beloved of God, let your dress be pleasing to God and not because it is what is in vogue. You shouldn’t join the multitude in doing evil. That everybody is doing it does not mean that you too should do it or that it has become a standard. Who invented it – God or Satan? When Adam and Eve, out of foolishness, made clothes for themselves from fig leaves, God saw that it was not good enough and made for them tunic from animal skin.
Where is the wisdom of today’s Christian men and women?
For the boys, I am coming.

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