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Add Flavour To Lives

Devotion for Friday April 6, 2018
Topic: Add Flavour To Lives
Text: Matthew 5:13 
Salt is a very common flavour that makes food tasty. This shows the importance of salt in seasoning foods. Jesus used the importance of salt in foods to teach us the importance of Christians in any society. Salt has multi functions. It adds flavour to food and is used as preservatives. By salt of the earth, Jesus posited that Christians are means of earth’s preservation through our prayers and exemplary Christian lifestyle.
Jesus compared Christians to salt because it is the nature of salt to preserve things from corruption and putrefaction, and to render them savoury and pleasant. In this respect, Christianity by the purity of its doctrine, should sweeten and purify sinners that they may become savoury to God and Man; and may be kept from being contaminated with errors and false doctrine. Again according to William Burkett, “Salt has a piercing power in it, which subdues the whole lump, and turns it into its own nature: such a piercing power is there in the ministry of the word, that it subdues the whole man to the obedience of itself.” In acting like salt, we are expected to add flavour to the lives of people around us.
Outside application of holy doctrine to preserve lives, we should let the world know the true essence of life and living. Some Christians live in such a way that unbelievers will never be motivated to go to church. We should let the world see peace, joy, happiness in our lives no matter the level of worldly afflictions and pains we may be going through. When we radiate life, it will make unbelievers to understand the true meaning of Christianity. Sing the hymn SS&S 798; Abu 239
Food for Thought: Are you adding flavour to the lives in your family and the society?
Memory verse: v 13
Prayer: Lord, may my life add flavour to people I meet daily in Jesus name

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