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Antidote to Worry (2)

My Daily Covenant (2017 Edition) Devotion for Friday January 6, 2017                  
Topic: Antidote to Worry (2)
Text: Psalm 23:1 – 6           
Yesterday, we started series of teaching on antidote to worry. It will last till Sunday. If you missed yesterday’s devotion, look for it and read. It will help you so much.
This antidote to worry in our text is proper understanding of our relationship with God and the tenets of His covenant with us. What God means to you will determine the kind of benefit you will receive from Him. Such understanding is a great advantage in reaping from His promises and blessings just as David expressed in this Psalm 23.
In describing God as his Shepherd, David wrote this out of his personal experience because he spent his early years caring for sheep (1 Samuel 16:10–11). Sheep are completely dependent on the shepherd for provision, guidance, care and protection. Sheep doesn’t doubt the competence and ability of the shepherd. It subjects itself to the command and authority of the shepherd. It is not disturbed or perturbed by threat of the enemies around.
In Gen 17:1, God introduced Himself as Almighty God, meaning All-powerful; having supreme unquestionable power over everything. This introduction was necessary because Abraham needed to understand the God that called him. From that moment, his walk with God changed. Beloved, if you must avoid worries, then you should have God as your shepherd. You must know Him as the Almighty God with whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
In John 10, Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd. If we have proper understanding of the work of a shepherd, we will not stress ourselves with cares for worldly things because He knows all we need and will provide them at the appropriate time. At the start of the New Year like this, it is proper to have God speak to us just as He spoke to Abraham. That will help us to live our lives less of worries because we will come to understand that He is the Almighty, with whom all things are possible. Trust Him as you go out today to take care of all those cares and worries.
Food for Thought: Worry is an insult on God that He can’t fulfil His promises.
Memory verse: Psalm 23 verse 1 – The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want (English Standard Version).
Prayer: Lord God, help me to understand that you are the Almighty with whom all things are possible in Jesus name. Amen.

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