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At Calvary, They Crucified Jesus

Devotion for Good Friday March 30, 2018
Topic: At Calvary, They Crucified Jesus
Text: Luke 23:32 – 49  
Luke called the place where Jesus was crucified, Calvary while the other three evangelists called it, Place of Skull or Golgotha in Hebrew (Matthew 27:33; Mark 15:22 & John 19:17). Calvary is a hill just outside the city walls of Jerusalem where the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place. The choice of Calvary was for a purpose. The Chief Priest and Romans soldiers choose the place which was conspicuous so as to make mockery of Jesus but they never knew it was symbolic. See Hebrews 13:11, 12 and compare it with these passages Exodus 29:14; Leviticus 4:11 – 12, 21; 6:30; 9:11; 16:27; Numbers 19:3. He was crucified there because bearing the sins of the world just like the lamb in the Old Testament bearing sin is burnt outside the camp. To show what He came to do at Calvary, the first thing was to plea for the forgiveness of those who crucified Him. He died to purchase our forgiveness. He also pardoned one of the criminals right there at Calvary. This shows that true repentance is never late. But we should not procrastinate about it because we may not have the grace this criminal enjoyed. As the soldiers taunted Him, He was humble and didn’t retaliate (1 Pet 2:21 – 24). His death was recorded in Luke 23:46 while the reaction of the Centurion to His death is in Luke 23:47. Having died for us, we should seek to glorify God with true repentance and conversion; by a sober, righteous, and godly life; and by employing our talents in the service of Him who died for us and rose again.
Sing SS&S 621; Abu 35
Food for Thought: Christ became accursed for us upon the cross. What have you done to reciprocate this sacrifice?
Memory verse: Luke 23:33
Prayer: God, grant that this ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for me will not be in vain.

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