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Be A True Patriot

Devotion for Saturday January 20, 2018
Topic: Be A True Patriot
Text: Nehemiah 1:1 – 4
Nehemiah was a cup bearer of a Persian king. He tastes whatever is served the king as drink. Thus he lived at ease, and in honour, but didn’t forget that he was an Israelite, and that his brethren were in distress. He was ready to do them all the good he could through the position he was occupying; and to know how best to show them kindness, he makes inquiries about them. Nehemiah was a man of true piety though, he was in high position in civil office but his piety led him to take a deep interest in the welfare of his people and course of God in the home of his ancestors and brethren. This distinguished him as a great patriot.
Today we have men and women who are in high positions but cannot do anything good for their people. They are so self-centered that they don’t even care what happens in their villages/towns. Some Christians don’t pay contributions for development of their communities. Some don’t pay their taxes and rates to government. Yet they criticize the government. These acts are not Christ-like. Jesus gave us example in Matthew 17:25 – 27.
As Christians we should show the light first among our people and to others. We should have concern about the welfare of our communities and the nation at large. Nehemiah heard about the condition of Jerusalem and went into prayers (Nehemiah 1:4). How much do we pray for our nation and communities? We desired change in our nation and communities but wait for someone else to bring it. Why not become the change by being a true patriot? Sing SS&S 798; Abu 29
Food for Thought: What can you do to improve the welfare of your community?
Memory verse: Nehemiah 1:4
Prayer: Grant me the burden to always pray and work for the good of my community and my country at large in Jesus name. Amen.

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