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Bear Worthy Fruits

Devotion for Tuesday January 2, 2018
Topic: Bear worthy fruits
Text: Luke 3:7 – 9
John the Baptist in his preaching called the people to repentance and also admonished them to bear fruit worthy of repentance. John stated that the time has come when Abraham’s seed shall no longer be reckoned by outward descent, but by character. Therefore, they should change their character and ways of living to conform to what they profess that implies having the character and doing the works of Abraham. What John the Baptist meant is that there should be a change of character that should led to a change of situation. Many people have kept doing same thing over and again expecting different results that can never be. You cannot hold on to one methodology of doing something and expect to get good results. What are the ways you have been serving God, doing your business or relating with people that has not yielded the desired fruit? You need to change your method. On the other hand, we should show the reality of our repentance by forsaking our sins and obeying the commands of God. In order that repentance may be shown to be sincere, it must produce good works. This is one way we can get God’s approval and blessings. Don’t hope to get God’s approval when you are still living in sin. Sing A&M 325; Abu 157
Food for Thought: The change of life is the proof of the change of heart.
Memory verse: Matthew 3:8
Prayer: Almighty God, grant me a change of heart and life that will reflect the confession I make as a Christian in Jesus name. Amen.

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