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Best Ways To Bear Worthy Fruits

Devotion for Wednesday January 3, 2018
Topic: Best Ways To Bear Worthy Fruits
Text: Luke 3:10 – 14
The question the people of Jerusalem, all Judea, and the entire region around the Jordan asked John is what all meaningful Christians should ask God at the beginning of the year like this which is “what shall we do then?” The question they asked John is similar to what we have in Acts 2:37. John had to enumerate some of the areas people of diverse professions commit sin against God and humanity. He mentioned acts of charity (Kindness to the needy), honesty and sincerity among tax collectors in collecting taxes. He also charged soldiers to stop intimidating people or accusing them falsely, and to be contented with their wages. A closer look at John’s answers in Luke 3:11 – 14 gives a clear picture of our present day society. Can you do a comparison with your society? Some people have decided to be doing these and many other crimes despite the word of God they preach and hear. Their reasons are that a labourer deserves his wages and their salaries have not been paid. Beloved, you have no excuse to extort money from people or falsify scales to make gains. These are attributes of unbelievers. It should not be seen or heard among believers. If you had been in it, repent today. God expects us to bear good fruits for Him. We can only do it through righteousness and not through deceit if we hope to benefit from His blessings for us. Sing A&M 361; Abu 128
Food for Thought: One of the first demands of religion is to be good and it is the best way to show that our repentance is not feigned.
Memory verse: 1 John 3:17
Prayer: Lord God, grant that I will bear fruits worthy of my repentance in Jesus name. Amen

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