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Babel – A Place Of Confusion

Devotion for Tuesday December 12, 2017
Topic: Babel – A Place Of Confusion
Text: Genesis 11:1 – 9
Babel simply means confusion; the name of a lofty tower, begun to be built by the descendants of Noah among who was Nimrod their leader, about 120 years after the flood.
At creation, God told man to fill the earth (Genesis 1:28). Instead of obeying God’s instructions, they chose to live together. Going against God’s instruction attracts punishment. Sometimes, God allows us to wallow in our ignorance when we are at not complying with His instructions but other times, He will insist that His bidding should be carried out to the letter. He confused the language of the people and the work stopped (Genesis 11:7 – 9). Unable to communicate with one another, they scattered abroad to comply with God’s directives at creation. They wanted to evade dispersion by building a tower to accommodate all of them.
Many a time, what we fear will always come to us (Job 3:25). Are you afraid? See Isaiah 44:2. Things we do that are not in consonant with the will and purposes of God cannot prosper in our hands. We should be mindful of what we do as the motives as the motives behind our actions are well known to God and He will judge our motives on the Judgement Day. What is your motive for that plan you are making; that style of dress you have made for Christmas, that job you are pursuing, that marriage, journey, etc? If it is not of God, it will end in confusion.
Food for Thought: Are the motives behind your actions pleasing to God?
Memory verse: Genesis 11:7
Prayer:  Grant me the wisdom, O Lord, so as to make right decision that will not go against your will for my life in Jesus name.

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