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BLESSEDNESS OF THE RIGHTEOUS 2: Devotion for Monday October 10, 2016

BLESSEDNESS OF THE RIGHTEOUS 2: Devotion for Monday October 10, 2016
Text: Psalm 112:6 – 10    Memory verse: Psalm 112 verse 6
Blessedness, Covenant, Daily, Devotion, Enemies, Established, Heart, Righteous, Satan, Shaken, Threats
A man of faith who loves God is fearless and he overcomes (1 John 5:4 & 5) just as we read yesterday. David was fearless when he confronted Goliath and he overcame a well known warrior and champion. If you are afraid, you cannot triumph. Anyone who is afraid will always fail as Saul and other Israelis soldiers failed to have their names written in gold. Anyone who is fearful will easily be shaken. Such person is never stable in his thoughts, faith and actions. Do you want to be victorious and triumph in that spiritual or physical battle you are currently going through? Then fear God and not the devil or man. Sacred Songs & Solos (Sankey) 561 is a great source of insight on how you can be courageous and fearless in your Christian race.
Another blessedness of the righteous is that the person is not shaken. Sometimes, Satan and his agents will try by all means to move the person, but because his foundation in the Lord is firm, he shall never be moved, at least not moved for ever; if he is shaken for a time, yet he settles again quickly. He regains himself like the story I told in yesterday’s devotion.
Beloved, are you easily shaken by threats of the enemies, lack of basic necessities of life, fear of the unknown, etc? You should always have the words of Christ in mind. He said, “Let not your heart be troubled … (Jn. 14:1). Of a truth, many times I do shake over things that God had done for me previously. However, when I remember what God did previously for me, I will regain myself. That shows the vulnerability of man. Things can move us but when we hide the word of God in our hearts, we can dig them out and strengthen ourselves.
A righteous man will have a good reputation, and that gives him satisfaction. He strives for a good name; a name for good things, with God and man. These will make people to remember him forever (112:6b). His heart is established because he fears the Lord and he is never afraid. What can be said about you? Is your heart established in the Lord? Are you easily shaken by problems? Then trust the Lord for in Him, you will be established and not be shaken.
Food for Thought: An established heart in the Lord can never be shaken.
Prayer: God, establish my heart in you so that problems of life will not shake me.

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