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BLESSEDNESS OF THE RIGHTEOUS: Devotion for Sunday October 9, 2016

BLESSEDNESS OF THE RIGHTEOUS: Devotion for Sunday October 9, 2016
Text: Psalm 112:1 – 5     Memory verse: Psalm 112 verse 1
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Few days ago, I travelled to Abuja with my wife and baby in a public transport. On our way after Okene and before Lokoja, we had a flat tyre. The spare tyre in the vehicle was not good. We saw a cyclist and requested that he should take the driver to the nearest town to effect repairs on the tyre. As the cyclist packed near me, he asked, “Baa Hausa – Do I hear Hausa” and I responded negatively. He muttered English by saying, “This place e no good – This place is not good” Immediately he said that, I became afraid and many thoughts came into my mind about the enemies attacking us. After some few minutes, I came to my sense and started binding the devil and his evil thoughts. That was how I overcame the fear.
Someone once said that fear is devil’s strongest weapon of war. The moment he succeeds in putting fear into you, all other things like doubt, intimidation, anxiety, worries, despair, etc, will follow. Jesus warns us not to fear anyone who can’t kill the soul (Matt 10:28). Most importantly, we should understand that we can overcome fear when we trust in God just as the Psalmist posited here in our bible reading for the day. In the opinion of Family Bible Note, “Trust in God keeps the souls of His people in peace, while others are quaking with apprehension of evils that are coming upon them.” Trust in God, grants us boldness and authority for exploits.
Who are these fearless people the Psalmist mentioned in 112:1? What are they known for as we have in 112:1b? When we fear God and obey His command, we cannot fear any man rather we can respect them if they deserve it (Lk 12:4 & 5). Sin brings fear. The heart of the righteous is established as Treasury of David asserts here, “His love to God is deep and true, his confidence in God is firm and unmoved; his courage has a firm foundation, and is supported by Omnipotence. He has become settled by experience, and confirmed by years. He is not a rolling stone, but a pillar in the house of the Lord.” Do you love, fear and obey God?
Food for Thought: Psalm 1:1 and 2
Prayer: God, grant me the heart to fear and obey your command in Jesus name.

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