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BLESSINGS ATTRACT ENVY: Devotion for Thursday September 8, 2016

BLESSINGS ATTRACT ENVY: Devotion for Thursday September 8, 2016
Text: Genesis 26:15 – 23          Memory verse: Genesis 26:16
God is ever faithful to the words He has spoken and He keeps them. He doesn’t make a promise without keeping to it. We have series of promises He made to His people which were fulfilled. Though some took a long time to come to pass, the long time in our eyes is not so with God.
He kept His promise to bless Isaac (Genesis 26:3) as Isaac was blessed (Genesis 26:13). The Bible stated that he started prospering until he became prosperous. The neighbouring Philistines grew jealous because everything Isaac did seemed to go right. The first step they took was to plug his wells and tried to get rid of him. By this they thought his blessings will cease. Being jealous is a very bad and it is a dividing force that can tear apart the closest friends. Life Application Notes says, “Jealousy forces you to separate yourself from what you were longing for in the first place. When you find yourself becoming jealous of others, try thanking God for their good fortune.”
The jealousy and envy of the Philistines against Isaac made him to relocate three times and on each occasion, he and his men dug new well. In the first two disputes that arose between Isaac and the Philistines, he moved on. He opted to avoid quarrel and troubles of the Philistines by moving to a more neutral ground. Here is a lesson and challenge for us Christians of this generation. Isaac moved on without challenging back for his rights which were denied him. He finally got to a place where there was room enough for him and the Philistines. Instead of Isaac resorting to start a huge conflict, he opted for give and take for the sake of peace between him and his landlords. We should be willing to forsake an important position or valuable possession to keep peace as those who bear the name of Christ.
Beloved, it shouldn’t be a surprise when your Landlord, your colleagues, your neighbours, etc, begins to envy you. Picking quarrels against them will be a mark of immaturity. With the blessing of God upon you, you are greater than them and will continue to excel above them. If someone is jealous of you, it means you have something he or she doesn’t have. Why then will you be offended? Know that the more they envy you, the more you will continue to prosper. It is my sincere desire that God will prosper you till you become prosperous in Jesus name. Amen
Food for Thought: Exodus 1:9
Prayer: Lord God, grant me the wisdom to know when to withdraw and when to stand and fight when people are against me.

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