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CHRIST’S COMPASSION: Devotion for Wednesday November 23, 2016

CHRIST’S COMPASSION: Devotion for Wednesday November 23, 2016
Text: John 6:1 – 13        Memory verse: John 6 verse 5
For the devotion today and tomorrow, we shall be looking at two characters of Jesus Christ worthy of emulation. Today’s devotion centers on Jesus Christ’s compassion spirit. Matthew 14:14; Mark 6:35; 8:2 Luke 9:12 all speak about the compassion Jesus Christ had on the multitude that came to Him. In the bible story in Mark 8:1–9 Jesus Christ openly confessed His compassion for the multitude (Mark 8:2 & 3). Even though that crowd came on their own accord to hear Him, He didn’t leave them to go without food.
Jesus knows the need of the people and He shows concern. The curious throng was not that easily dissuaded, for they followed Him even to His secluded hideaway (John 6:5). Instead of repelling the people angrily for their invasion of His privacy, Jesus Christ first healed the sick among them as the version of this story in Matthew 14:13, 14 have it. Thereafter, He turned to Philip with the compassionate words, “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?”
What Jesus Christ did here is a great lesson for pastors and ministers of the gospel. Occasionally, we should look out for some of our parishioners that lack some basic necessities of life and see how we can help out. It may be through getting other wealthy members to help out as Jesus Christ did by using what belongs to the young boy to meet the needs of the multitude.
What problem are you passing through in a time like this? You may have been sick for years like that man at pool of Bethesda, imprisoned for years without cause and abandoned, living without food, lacks some basic necessities of life, etc. You may be thinking that God is not aware of your problems.  Do you ever feel that God is so busy with important concerns that He can’t possibly be aware of your needs? Just as Jesus was concerned about these people’s need for food, so He is concerned about our daily needs – food, clothing, housing, money, etc. Jesus knows and cares. Remember that He warned us in Matthew 6:31 and 32 that we shouldn’t worry about having enough food or drink or clothing because our heavenly Father already knows all our needs. Go to Him today and certainly, He will meet your needs.
Food for Thought: Without a compassionate heart you can never be a true Christian.
Prayer: Grant me your kind of compassionate heart, O Lord, so I will live out my life as a true Christian in Jesus name.

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