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Consequences Of Famine

Devotion for Friday May 26, 2017
Topic: Consequences Of Famine
Text: 2 Kings 6:29
In June 2016, I read a story of how a woman used her child as a surety to get garri (a staple food in Nigeria made from cassava) from a trader in Osun state, Nigeria because she is being owe 7 months’ salary. This is the level people can be desperate to get food in time of crises.
The famine that led to our text was the greatest and worst famine in the history of Israel. It was so severe that people were killing and eating their children. This came as a result of God’s judgment. When we deliberately commit sin, God punishes us and it is usually very severe. Many things can lead to famine – sin, disobedience, for divine purpose, natural disaster like drought and invasion of an area by locust, etc. From what happened in the following verses, it seems the famine was pronounced by Elisha (2 Kings 6:30 – 31).
When the famine came to the level of people eating their children, Elisha went to the Lord and He spoke to him (2 Kings 7:1ff). When we come to crossroad on issues that confuse us, we should go to God for He has solutions to our problems. Elisha knew God was the source of all solution that defies all human wisdom. What would have led to the agreement to kill their children? Indeed, Moses foretold that this very evil shall come upon them if they forsake God (Deut. 28:53 & 57). This evil also came upon them when Nebuchadnezzar besieged Israel (Ezek. 5:10). Killing and eating of fellow human being as one of the consequences of famine is inhuman and against God’s commandment. Let us avoid whatsoever will bring famine by carefully obeying God.
Food for Thought: Sin and disobedience has grievous consequences
Memory verse: 2 Kings 6 verse 29
Prayer: God, remove anything that will bring famine and its consequences in my life and family.

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