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Contrary Behaviour

Devotion for Monday October 30, 2017
Topic: Contrary Behaviour
Text: Titus 1:15 – 16
Contrary means conflicting, opposite, obstructing or hindering progress. Anything we say or do that is opposite of what is ideal can be termed contrary behaviour. In the days of Paul and Titus, there were some false teachers of the word of God even as we have them today. These teachers of Jewish fables and carnal ordinances profess to know and serve God, yet their immoral lives are evidence of denial of Him. Thus they became abominable both to God and man, disobedient to the law and averse to every god work. See Romans 1:28; 2 Timothy 3:5, 8 and Jude 1:4.
Our text for the day teaches us that hypocrites are generally great professors of faith; they profess great knowledge of God and great zeal for Him. Again, our bible reading teaches us that to deny God is a very heinous sin and an abominable wickedness. However, there are some people who are genuinely zealous.
We deny God in two ways: first, in our words and secondly in our actions. Is your behaviour contrary to your profession of Christian faith? Contrary behaviour manifests when we are still living in sin but seriously active in the church. Such person is a deceit and hypocrite. If you belong to that group, turn away from such behaviour (2 Timothy 3:5) because you will be disappointed on the last day. If you have been following such teachers/people whose lives are contrary to the gospel message they preach, turn away from them because they will lead you astray in this Christian race.
Food for Thought: Live well as a Christian because you may be the bible you unbelieving neighbour will have the opportunity to read.
Memory verse: 2 Timothy 3:5
Prayer: Help me O Lord my God, to remove any contrary behaviour in my life

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