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Do As I Have Done To You

Devotion for Maundy Thursday March 29, 2018
Topic: Do As I Have Done To You  
Text: John 13:1 – 17  
Feet were usually washed before the meal but Jesus waited until during the supper (John 13:2) to make the act of feet washing stand out and to be noted. He took the role of a servant without losing anything (John 13:3). The purpose of this action was to fix in their minds the nature of true greatness. This could be traced to the event in Luke 22:24 – 30 when the disciples were in dispute over who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom. Jesus had taught them that greatness in the kingdom comes through serving others (Matthew 20:26-27), but they had not learned the lesson. Thus, He gave them this unforgettable illustration. According to Brunner, “When a man turns to God desiring to serve Him, God directs his attention to the world and its need.” Have you realised this truth? At first Peter refused to allow Jesus wash his feet (John 13:6 – 11), which pointed toward Jesus’ cleansing work on the cross. But when Peter saw that this foot washing was symbolic of cleansing from sin, he requested to be washed from head to foot. He misunderstood Jesus the Messiah’s servant role and therefore his own role as disciple. In John 13:10 Jesus came back to the literal point. The spiritual point had already been understood. They were already clean. Jesus was also showing His disciples what it meant to serve and what it meant to be great in the kingdom of God. His challenge in John 13:15 is for us today. Are you serving God in others? Sing A&M 108; Abu 31
Food for Thought: “When a man turns to God desiring to serve Him, God directs his attention to the world and its need” – Brunner.
Memory verse: John 13:15
Prayer: God teach me humility and service for humanity in Jesus name.

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