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Do As It Pleases You But …

Devotion for Monday November 20, 2017
Topic: Do As It Pleases You But …
Text: Ecclesiastics 11:7 – 10
Youths are usually vigorous, energetic, lively, enthusiastic and adventurous. These make them restive because they love to pursue their heart desires. They do not accept a ‘no’ for anything they have made up their minds on. When they desire something, they are purposeful about it and they will vigorously pursue it till they acquire or attain that height.
It is on this premise that Solomon admonished youths to use their youthful exuberance with the mind that a day of reckoning will come. This should make them have a deep sense of God’s presence, reverencing His authority as that will be a great security against pursuit of sinful desires. Because God will bring youthful activities into judgement, they should let their pursuit of happiness and all their youthful enjoyments be in the fear of God.
This warning is not for the youths only. It is a warning for whosoever will not be found wanting on the day of Judgement. Those who fear God, and make Him their portion, will enjoy all that this world is capable of giving, and be prepared for the higher enjoyments of eternity because they will always apply discretion and fear of God in pursuit of enjoyment and happiness. This should be our guide in our walk with God.
Food for Thought: Aspiration after God is the only aspiration with the assurance that it will never meet with disappointment.
Memory verse: Ecclesiastics 11:9
Prayer: God, grant that I will always be mindful of what I do with the mind that there is Judgement waiting for me.

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