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Don’t Copy World’s Standard

Devotion for Wednesday November 22, 2017
Topic: Don’t Copy World’s Standard
Text: Roman 12:1 – 2
Our world of today lacks genius. What we have today are pirated works. People are no longer genuine in production of anything especially in this part of the world. Everyone toes the same way of doing thing even in the church. No one wants to be original. These have robbed us of growth and self-actualization. When we find ourselves in the midst of other people, there is always the tendency to copy what they do and we easily forget that “Evil company corrupts good habits” – 1 Corinthians 15:33. On the other hand, good company also model good habits. This informs Paul’s words in our bible reading for today. He urged the Roman Christians no to conform to the standard of this world; to its sinful spirit, maxims, principles and practices of this world.
On the contrary, Christians should walk singularly and not after the world’s guise. Do you copy unnecessary behaviour, dressings, character, speech, etc., because it is in vogue? Who brought it in vogue – God, man or Satan? Think of the present day style of fashion and dressing. Most of them are ungodly. We should be led by the Spirit as Christians and not by what is in vogue. We should also learn to do things according to the will of God and not the propelling of self. This is a challenge if we hope to make heaven.
Food for Thought: Ephesians 5:17
Memory verse: 1 John 2:15
Prayer: Lord God, help me not to conform to the word’s standard as you renew me through your word.

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