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Don’t Postpone Your Salvation

Devotion for Saturday June 9, 2018
Sing SS&S 1165; Abu 263
Topic: Don’t Postpone Your Salvation
Text: Matthew 8:18 – 22
The scribe mentioned in Matthew 8:19 was too hasty in promising to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He seems to be very resolute. Unfortunately many resolutions for Christ like this are produced by sudden conviction, and taken up without due consideration and its consequences. They eventually come to nothing at the end. His resolve seems to have been from a worldly, covetous principle; but Christ had not a place to lay His head on, and if he follows him, he must not expect anything better than what Christ had. The other person volunteered to follow Christ only after he had buried the father, Jesus requested that he shouldn’t postpone his salvation. Delay in doing the will of God is as bad on the one hand, as hastiness in resolving is on the other. He asked for leave to attend his father to his grave, and then he would be at Christ’s service. This seemed reasonable, yet it was not right. He had not true zeal for the work. This is how some people keep postponing their salvation. I will repent after New Year. I will repent after graduation, etc. Why postpone your salvation. The Bible warns us that now is the time of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2). A young man went to a crusade with his girlfriend. After hearing the word of God, had wanted to give his life to Christ but his girlfriend stood against that decision. They left the crusade ground and as they were crossing the road, a vehicle knocked down the man and he died on the spot. He could no longer repent again. Beloved, don’t postpone your salvation. Repent now before it will be too late.
Food for Thought: Have you actually repented? If not, do it right now.
Memory verse: Matthew 8:21
Prayer: O Lord, may I not postpone any act that will make me part of your kingdom at the end of my life here on earth in Jesus name. Amen

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