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Don’t Shut Your Hands

Devotion for Sunday January 14, 2018
Topic: Don’t Shut Your Hands
Text: Deuteronomy 15:7 – 8
This passage is similar to Leviticus 25:35 – 37. Due to the foregoing laws in the previous verses, Moses admonished the Israelites not to shut their hands against the poor. He exhorts them not to be mean and selfish but to develop a liberal spirit of charity and kindness which will secure for them the divine blessings (Romans 12:8 & 2 Corinthians 9:7). Also in Leviticus 25:35 – 37, Moses charged them to relieve the poor; by not taking interest or increase, for what was needful for the poor man’s support (Leviticus 25:36–37). This is what Christianity demands from us. The Psalmist added his voice on this matter and stated that there are promises attached to the command of taking care of the poor in Psalm 41:1 and 112: 9. Just as stated earlier, if we desire to secure divine blessings from God, we should be ready and ever willing to open our hands to the poor and the needy. If God has blessed you enough, you should make a regular provision for some of the poor people in your neighbourhood. Securing all the worldly goods for yourself and your children alone while people around you are living in abject poverty is the highest level of wickedness. Plan and put someone poor you know into your budget and God will bless you the more. Sing A&M 361; Abu 128
Food for Thought: Leviticus 25:35 – 37
Memory verse: 1 John 3:17
Prayer: O Lord, may I not shut my hands against the needy when I have what they need from me in Jesus name. Amen.

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