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Enemies Of The Cross

Devotion for Saturday July 15, 2017
Topic: Enemies Of The Cross
Text: Philippians 3:17 – 19
In our bible reading for the day, Paul speaks of nominal Christians who used their liberty as a clock for licentiousness. They are enemies of the Cross according to Paul. Their evil lives bring shame upon the religion of the Cross. Paul criticized self-indulgent Christians, people who claimed to be Christians but couldn’t live up to Christ’s model of servanthood and self-sacrifice.
These enemies were professed believers who were corrupting the gospel by their immoral lives and false teachings (Galatians 1:7, 6:12 and Philippians 1:15 – 16). They were not opened and avowed enemies of the Cross nor did they deny that Jesus Christ didn’t die on the Cross to make atonement for our sins rather; they were living in a manner inimical to pure gospel. An immoral life is an enemy of the Cross of Christ who died to make us holy.
Someone becomes an enemy of the Cross when there is no evidence that the heart is renewed. Similar people are found in the churches today. Some are even in the altars. How are you living your life as a Christian? Are you among those that commit all forms of sins because they are no longer under the law (Romans 6:14 and 15)? Are you in the church keeping malice, committing fornication, practicing masturbation, you are still involved in corrupt practices, etc? You are an enemy of the Cross Repent before it would be too late
Food for Thought: Freedom in Christ doesn’t mean freedom to be selfish but taking every opportunity to serve and to become the best person you can be.
Memory verse: Philippians 3 verse 18
Prayer: Lord God, help me to avoid any sin that will make me an enemy of the Cross.

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