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Every Gift And Blessing Has A Price Tag

Devotion for Tuesday January 23, 2018
Topic: Every Gift And Blessing From God Has A Price Tag
Text: Genesis 39:7 – 19
It is never a mistake that God made some people beautiful or handsome. The way some people abuse these blessings and gifts, gives me cause for concern. God has never made mistake in blessing us. If we abuse our gifts, we will pay dearly for it. Our beauty, blessings and gifts are snare to us because they will either make or mar us. It forbids pride in it, and requires constant watchfulness against the temptation that attends it.
On the other hand, we should have full control over our eyes, lest they infect our hearts. Potiphar’s wife couldn’t set off her eyes from Joseph in her husband’s house, lusting after him (Genesis 39:7). She became a snare for Joseph because he was handsome and a young man of honesty and integrity. When Joseph refused to consent to her request, she framed-up Joseph and he was subsequently imprisoned. The frame up and imprisonment was the price Joseph paid for the gift God gave to him.
Many people have paid similar prices. Some fell into the hands of the devil and his agents. Some after the fall could not even summon courage to rise again. There is nobody gifted by God in terms of beauty, handsomeness, intelligence or talent that hasn’t been tempted or that will not be tempted. What matters is your reaction when temptations come. Will you yield to their temptation because you want to avoid going to prison or being punished? If you have framed up or betrayed someone, God requires you to go and make necessary restitutions. Despite the price Joseph paid, God was with him and he was loved and privileged above all others in the prison. Sing SS&S 235; Abu 183
Food for Thought: Every gift and blessings from God has a price tag.
Memory verse: Genesis 39:19
Prayer: Grant me the grace I need O God, never to abuse your gift upon my life or a stumbling block to other people because of their gifts.

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