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Give Jesus Christ The Best

Devotion for Monday In Holy Week March 26, 2018
Topic: Give Jesus Christ The Best             
Text: Mark 14:1 – 9                    
It takes someone who knows the value of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity on the Cross of Calvary to give Him something freely and willingly. For example, most people who are faithful in their tithe and offering are people who have received the touch of God. Jesus first poured out Himself for mankind without reservations. It was a willingly offer made to save mankind (John 10:15, 17; 15:13 & Romans 5:7, 8). Mary had come to know Jesus Christ which made her to use a very costly oil to anoint Him. Jesus commended her pious offer to the notice of believers in all ages. Just that one offering immortalized her name. Jesus Christ will always honour those who honour Him (1 Samuel 2:30). He reprimanded the disciples, but comforted Mary. The expensive ointment poured on Jesus was a beautiful, acceptable, appealing act of love and sacrifice. Her act was a public declaration of her faith in Him as Messiah. Christ poured out His soul unto death for us, and shall we think anything too precious for Him? Do we give Him the precious ointment of our best affections by loving Him with all our hearts? At times, it is common for zeal and affection to be misunderstood and blamed but we should remember that charity to the poor will not excuse us from particular acts of piety to the Lord Jesus. Jesus’ words were valuable lessons to Judas and the disciples that devotion to Christ is worth more than money. How devoted are you to God?
Let us sing from SS&S 621, Abu 35
Food for Thought: What can you offer to God that is equal to salvation He gave you?
Memory verse: Mark 14:8
Prayer: Lord, help me to love you to the extent of offering you the best thing I have in Jesus name.

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