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God Hates Wickedness

Devotion for Friday March 2, 2018
Topic: God Hates Wickedness
Text: Psalm 45:6 – 9
God hates wickedness and He punishes anyone who practices it. The bible has the stories of how God vexed His anger on people who perpetuated wickedness. The Psalmist didn’t restrain his adoration of Almighty God, expressing what His Kingdom and throne are made of. Scepter means royal authority or staff used as royal emblem. The emblem of our God is justice and righteousness. This is because it is His nature as He is just and righteous. For this reason, He hates wickedness (See Psalm 5:5; 33:5). There are some people who desire to practice wickedness. They love it so much that if they have not made trouble with people, they will not be happy. Wickedness comes in form of oppression, abuse of all kinds, willfully committing sin, luring people into evil, telling lies, betrayal and many others. Christians should not practice or tolerate wickedness. Psalm 97:10 admonishes us to hate wickedness as our God does. People who have no love find it easier to practice wickedness (See 1 John 2:11; 3:15). Are you nursing any form of hatred for someone? Better repent of it now before devil will lead you into wicked act. Learn to love people unconditionally because that is the best way to overcome wickedness.
Sing SS&S 587; Abu 205
Food for Thought: When you love people unconditionally, it will be easier to overlook their faults and shortcomings.
Memory verse: Psalm 45:7
Prayer:  God, make me a lover of righteousness and a hater of wickedness as you do in Jesus name. Amen.

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