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God Rescues Us From Evil

Devotion for Thursday May 24, 2018
Topic: God Rescues Us From Evil
Text: Psalm 107:10 – 16 
Never undermine what God can do. Sin has so much consequences and the bible says that the soul that sins shall die. Our text started with the level of affliction meted out on the Israel (Psalm 107:10, 12) because they sinned against God (Psalm 107:11). In most cases sin is the major cause of troubles and problems of life we pass through in life. Most times God allow some of these afflictions to come upon us so we can redress our steps and seek His face in repentance. This was the case as Israel sought the Lord in their trouble and He heard them and delivered them out of their troubles. Most times we don’t turn to God when we run into trouble. We try so many avenues for solution before we remember that God is there for us. God speedily answered His people when they repent. The Israelites took much time before they cried to God, but He was not long before He saved. They had sought for help everywhere else before they came to Him, but when they returned to Him, He welcomed them at once. This is the God we serve. Remember the story of Prodigal Son. Are you in trouble? Call upon God. You should not let your sin pose as a barrier to what God wants to do in your life because He is ever willing to forgive you if you can repent. Call upon Him today and do not delay.
Sing SS&S 1165, Abu 263
Food for Thought: Psalm 50:15
Memory verse: Psalm 107:13
Prayer: Lord, deliver me from all troubles of life I am passing through in Jesus name.

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