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GOD UNDERSTANDS OUR PLIGHT: Devotion for Friday September 9, 2016

GOD UNDERSTANDS OUR PLIGHT: Devotion for Friday September 9, 2016
Text: Genesis 26: 24, 25               Memory verse: Genesis 26:24
Most times all we need to overcome the problems of life we pass through is just someone to encourage us; someone to hold our hands or someone we can lay our heads on. Sometimes we don’t even need the money or physical help. Once we have a heart to understand us, we will be okay.
If you are in good relationship with God and usually spend time with Him, you will definitely know that He understands our plight and our need for special encouragement. Occasionally, when we are confronted with series of problems in life, we develop emotion depression and then we will need a heart to lean on. This was the case of Isaac as he needed especial encouragement because of the insult, envy, jealousy and outrage he received from the Philistines.
With the persistent attack and threat, he had to return to the place where Abraham his father died. Such remembrance of the death of his father and the persecution he suffered in the hands of the Philistines afflicted his soul. God who made him and called him into the covenant He made with his father, Abraham, understood his plight and immediately appears to comfort and support him in his trials, by a renewal of all the promises made to him and his father. After God had spoken to him, he built an altar there. God’s words brought reassurance to Isaac that He was there with him. That might have been the reason why he started building the altar for God.
There are times when we are challenged and wronged, and we feel as if God is far from us or has forgotten us. One might ask why God didn’t intervene when Isaac was being wronged by the Philistines. Why did He now appear after he has suffered loses? The reason is that the land of Philistine was not the place God promised Isaac. Again, the famine that made him to run to the land of Philistine was over. God expected him to have returned. God knows when to appear for our good. Are you going through hard times, sickness, in prison, being oppressed, etc? God understands your situation and will appear for your deliverance soon. Don’t give up.
Food for Thought: Jeremiah 29:11
Prayer: Lord, you know all my ordeals, send your words of encouragement to pacify and reassure me of your love in Jesus name.

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