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Hand Them Over To God

Devotion for Saturday March 3, 2018
Topic: Hand Them Over To God
Text: Psalm 55:16 – 23
In Matthew 7:7 and 8, Jesus told us to ask, seek and find, and it shall be given to us. He did not restrict our asking to certain number of times rather He enjoins us to ask as many times as we can (Luke 18:1). The Psalmist enjoins us to do same (Psalm 55:22) because he has been doing it and has always received answers from God. He testified and gave God all the glory for redeeming him. He was empathic about seeking the face of God because he has the assurance that God will sustain us.
The reason God will answer us is because He does not permit the righteous to slip or fall. Lack of basic necessities can make us slip off the faith. This shows the mercies and loving kindness of God upon us. God wants us to give our burdens to Him (see Psalm 37:5, 24; Matthew 6:25; Luke 12:22; 1 Peter 5:7). Unfortunately, we often continue to bear them ourselves even when we say we are trusting in Him.
If we believe in God, we should hand over our cares, worries, needs, anxieties, apprehensions and burden to Him. Why will you continue to bear the burden you don’t even have solution to? Daily we trust God to wake us up and He does that. We should also trust the same strength that sustains us to carry our cares and solve our problems also. God is waiting for you. Believe Him as you go out today that He will surprise you.
Sing 319; Abu 247
Food for Thought: When we depend on God for all we need, we will have peace of mind
Memory verse: Psalm 55:22
Prayer: God, I bring my burden to you for I know you care for me.

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