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Hoarding Attracts Curses

Devotion for Monday January 8, 2018
Topic: Hoarding Attracts Curses
Proverbs 11:26
Part of our scriptural reading yesterday says, “And there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty” – Proverbs 11:24b.  Our text today expatiates on that. Hoarding as we have in our text can mean two things – hoarding goods in anticipation of price increase or one who is a miser that cannot give out what he or she has. The earlier meaning is very common in our country. We have witnessed it among petroleum marketers and other traders especially those that sell food stuffs. Their aim is to make much gain but the bible says that they are under curse. People will curse them and blessing will be upon those that sell. Do our Christian brothers and sisters who create artificial scarcity through hoarding read this passage of the scripture? If they do and still continue to partake in evil, I wonder their kind of Christianity. On the other hand, when you hoard your seed, talent, gifts and wealth, the person is invariably incurring curse upon himself or herself. We know that extortion is sin but the worst extortionist is he who takes advantage of a public calamity to fill his own coffers at the expense of the poor. This should not be seen among Christians. So many Petrol stations lock up on Sundays but check their dispensing meter on Monday morning. They have adjusted it to make gains yet they were in the church the previous day. Beloved, avoid the curse of men and heaven by doing what is right. Sing A&M 184
Food for Thought: Do you hoard your wares for sale; your gifts, your talents and wealth? Repent to avoid curses.
Memory verse: Proverbs 11:26
Prayer: Almighty God, grant that I will not hoard my wares for sale, gifts, talents and wealth in Jesus name. Amen.

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