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How To Be Privy To God’s Secret

Devotion for Wednesday July 19, 2017
Topic: How To Be Privy To God’s Secret
Text: Genesis 18:17
Friends and loved ones share secrets. It takes people who have given themselves to each other to know the deep things about one another. You cannot meet someone for the first time and start telling the person about your life and some secrets about yourself. The intimacy would have grown or developed before you open up.
David and Jonathan son of Saul were two great friends (1 Samuel 18:1). Jonathan revealed his father’s plan to kill David to him (1 Samuel 19:2) because they were true friends.
Abraham found favour in the eyes of God and their friendship grew in lips and bounds. God spoke with him and always direct him on what to do. God didn’t want to hide anything from Abraham because he had endeared himself to Him for some reasons.
(1) Abraham had a covenant with God (Genesis 17:2)
(2) Abraham obeyed God and kept to the terms of the covenant (Hebrews 11:8)
(3) God saw the faithfulness of his heart
(4) God saw that Abraham would certainly pass on to his generations unborn the mysteries of God (Genesis 18:17)
God charged us in Jeremiah 33:3 to call to Him and He will reveal thing we do not know. God can reveal His secrets to s when we are in right relationship with Him. What is your relationship with God? Do you obey His words and faithfully walk with Him? To be privy of heaven’s decision and plans, you should befriend God, having constant fellowship with Him.
Food For Thought: Those who live in communion with God will always have insight into the present and future.
Memory verse: Genesis 18:17
Prayer: Lord God, draw me closer and closer to yourself daily and always reveal to me your will for my life in Jesus name.

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