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Improper Self-Confidence

Devotion for Tuesday In Holy Week March 27, 2018
Topic: Improper Self-Confidence  
Text: Matthew 26:31 – 46  
Improper self-confidence, like that of Peter, is the first step to a fall off from the glory of God. We all are prone to be over-confident. The reason is what John said in 1 John 4:4. Satan is active, striving to lead us astray and sometimes God leaves us to ourselves, so as to humble us. This over-confidence is the reason Paul warns us in 1 Corinthians 10:12. Jesus predicted that His disciples will desert Him (Matthew 26:31). Peter as usual was quick to react that even though others were made to stumble but not him (Matthew 26:33). Self-confident indeed! Then Jesus told him how he will deny Him (Matthew 26:34). These revelations were to caution him and lead him into prayers but he didn’t do that because he was overconfident of himself. This is how some of us behave. Don’t think that you are too spiritual to backslide in faith. If Satan can tempt Jesus, who are you that he cannot tempt? Jesus expected His disciples to pray after the warning when He took them to Gethsemane but they didn’t pray. Rather they slept off. The warning was meant to challenge them into serious prayers for themselves and their Master but it wasn’t so. How seriously do we take cautions from the bible? We shouldn’t take cautions lightly rather we should be very careful and watchful.
Sing A&M 353; SS&S 844; Abu 201
Food for Thought: 1 Corinthians 10:12
Memory verse: Matthew 26:31
Prayer: God, may I not be over confident and neglect your warning in Jesus name.

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