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In A Moment Of Weakness

Devotion for Monday January 22, 2018
Topic: In A Moment Of Weakness
Text: Genesis 25:29 – 34
If you have ever given away a valuable possession and later regretted it, you will probably recall that you made that decision of giving out that valuable possession under pressure or in a moment of weakness. At that time, resistance seemed impossible. A birthright was a special honour given to the firstborn son (Genesis 25:31). It included a double portion of the family inheritance along with the honour of one day becoming the family’s leader. Birthrights were priceless. In Isaac’s family, the birthright belonged to Esau. But because of Esau’s narrow view, he did not hold on to it. Esau was hungry and Jacob had some food, Esau could not see beyond his exaggerated sense of need. His words in Genesis 25:32 were probably not true; it merely reflected how he felt. Esau acted on impulse, satisfying his immediate desires without pausing to consider the long-range consequences of what he was about to do. Esau did not need to eat the meal he so desperately wanted, but the pressure of the moment distorted his perspective and made his decision seem urgent. People often experience similar pressures and face similar decisions. For example, under sexual temptation, a marriage vow may seem unimportant. What pressures do you face at the moment? You can avoid making Esau’s mistake by comparing an action’s short-term satisfaction with its long-range consequences before you act. Getting through that short, pressure–filled moment is often the most difficult and most important part of overcoming a temptation. May God help us in such times in Jesus name, Amen! Sing A&M 184
Food for Thought: Do you act on impulse to satisfying your immediate desires without pausing to consider the long-range consequences?
Memory verse: Genesis 25:32
Prayer: Lord, may I not sell my Christian right for any material gain in Jesus name. AmenIn A Moment Of Weakness

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