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In Times like This, Look Up to God

Devotion for Wednesday February 1, 2017          
Topic: In Times like This, Look Up to God           
Text: Psalm 121 (Living Bible)  
Our world of today especially the Nigerian case has so many challenges like high cost of living, irregular payment of salaries, poor power supply, fuel scarcity (as at the time I was writing), threat against Christianity, etc. These have placed so many people in a strait especially those who want to live righteously. Here the Psalmist started with a question: Shall I go to the mountain gods for help? In order words, do I go to where I ought not to go or do what is not right to get help? He also gave the answer as ‘No!’ He said so because he knew God and what He can do. He also knew that the righteous can never beg for food (Ps. 37:25). God holds the affairs of this universe. He has the best plan for our tomorrow. His thought far supercedes ours. His plan is to give us an expected end. Hunger, hardship, persecution, lack, etc. cannot stop God’s plan for us. In this new month, I urge you to look up to God to sustain you and your family. The month of January may have been a month of stress and strait. Never mind, God has already planned for you. Look up to Him. He called you and will perfect all that concerns you. We wish you a lovely month of February 2017.
Food for Thought: Looking up to God for help is a mark which distinguishes the true believer from all other men.
Memory verse: Psalm 121 verse 2
Prayer: God, may I rely on you in every situation and not on man.

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