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Is Your Marriage Honourable?

Devotion for Wednesday June 6, 2018
Sing A&M 463; Abu 132
Topic: Is Your Marriage Honourable?         
Text: Hebrew 13:4  
The first 3 verses of this chapter stipulate what the social life and responsibilities of Christians should be. It went further to give command on private lives too (v4). Christian couples have the responsibility to give honour to their marriage, and remain faithful to one another in it due to the vows they made before God. This would include promises to continually love one another mutually, to remain faithful in thought, attitude, and action, and to support and provide for each other. Hebrews shows how best to do these – we should stay away from immoral behavior and adultery. Immorality and adultery have split marriages for thousands of years. God’s commands against immorality (given for people’s own good) have been in place for a very long time now (see Exodus 20:14, 17; Job 24:15-24; Proverbs 5:15-23). Christians are to maintain high standards (Matthew 5:27-28). Marriage being honourable means being right, proper, and for ministers of the gospel as well as others. As marriage is God’s institution for the happiness of man and the prevention of fornication and other abominable vices, he who forbids or discourages it increases the temptations to fornication, and exposes himself to the just indignation of God. Hebrews makes the point that even if no consequences are seen right away, promiscuous people will incur God’s wrath and He will surely judge them.
Food for Thought: How faithful are you in your marriage?
Memory verse: 13:4
Prayer: Pray for all couples that they will remain faithful in their marriages especially those whose marriages are having problems.

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