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JESUS CHRIST’S HUMILITY: Devotion for Thursday November 24, 2016

JESUS CHRIST’S HUMILITY: Devotion for Thursday November 24, 2016
Text: John 6:14 – 15            Memory verse: John 6 verse 15
Anyone who is a leader, a minister of the gospel or even a believer is looked up to for true and thorough modeling. If they don’t see anything to model from your life, then that person’s ministry or leadership is in vain. You must be willing at all times to offer your followers something they will appreciate and value especially, in your attitude and character.
Yesterday, we read about Jesus Christ’s compassion. Today, we have in our text, His humility. The people associated Jesus (John 6:14) with the prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:15. But their assumption was that the promised prophet would break Roman rule over Israel as Moses had broken Egypt’s (John 1:21; cf. Deuteronomy 18:15; Acts 3:22 and 7:37).
Jesus withdrew from the crowd because they had missed the point and not to have accepted Him on His terms. The crowd had intended to force Him to become king. He knew that this offer of kingship was superficial, motivated by a desire for bread rather than as a result of true recognition of His person. They wanted bread for physical life and independence for political life. But Jesus offered Himself as the foundation for a new spiritual and eternal life.
Though He escaped, they went after Him. This is because He has so much to offer the people both physically and spiritually. What have you to offer people who come to you first as a Christian and secondly as a Pastor. If you have something to offer, whether you are on the mountain, in the cave or desert, they will come there. Remember the case of John the Baptist. They came to the wilderness to meet him. We should always ask God for such humble and compassionate spirit to steer clear of worldliness in our Christian race. It will help us so much to live out our Christian faith in our perverse generation. People should see Christ in us especially the unbelievers because we are the bible they read. If Christ is not seen in us, no matter how much time we spend in preaching, it will not bear the needed fruits. Therefore, let your life of humility show others Christ in you.
Food for Thought: True humility is intelligent self-respect that keeps us from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves.
Prayer: Lord God, make me humble enough so that I will not be seen but Christ will only be seen in me.

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