JUSTICE IS TURNED BACK: Devotion for Thursday August 25, 2016

Text: Isaiah 59:9 – 15             Memory verse: Isaiah 59:14

According to Matthew Henry Concise Commentary, “If we shut our eyes against the light of Divine truth, it is just with God to hide from our eyes the things that belong to our peace.” No wonder the bible says that “There is no peace, says the Lord, for the wicked” (Isaiah 48:22; 57:21). A situation where the sins of those who profess themselves God’s people, are worse than the sins of others who are termed unbelievers is very unfortunate.

Here, the prophet Isaiah decries and condemns the sad state where justice and righteousness are absent in the courts of law (Zechariah 8:16), and in social matters in general. All over the scriptures, God is always against injustice and He fights for those who are denied justice. He upholds justices and righteousness and He expects nothing less from us. But sad to say that He got the least from His people and was displeased about it. If you were in God’s shoes will you be pleased seeing injustice pervade all affairs of life? I think you will not like that.

What can we say of our present day religious and political leaders? Are they upholding justice? In a situation where people are killed and the killers are not brought to justice how can such society have peace? What of our judges and magistrates in the law courts? Have they not turned back justice by declaring the guilty, innocent and the innocent, guilty? Compare Amos 5:12; 6:12. Is this the same in your country?

Beloved, God is never happy when we pervert justice. It is a wicked and sinful person that does so (Proverbs 7:23). When we witness in any case, we should also not testify to pervert justice (Exodus 23:2). Let the fear of God be in our hearts in every witness we bear or case we judge. If this be our guiding principle, it will make our society and the world at large a peaceful place to live in.

Food for Thought: Deuteronomy 16:19

Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord, to always stand for justice no matter the circumstances in Jesus name.

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