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LIVING ABOVE STORMS OF LIFE: Devotion for Saturday September 17, 2016

LIVING ABOVE STORMS OF LIFE: Devotion for Saturday September 17, 2016
Text: Job 1:20 – 22                  Memory verse: Job 1 verse 22
Living above storms of life is one thing that can single us out as men and women who are faithful to God and those who know the God they serve. It is our faithfulness till the end that can earn us the anticipated crown which God had promised us when we are done here on earth. These are some of the things we can do to live above storms of life.

  1. Look unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:1–2). To overcome the storms of life, we must look unto Jesus Christ. He endured all hostilities and was rewarded with a name that is above every other name. That is an example that should motivate us when we come to the crossroads, bumps and curves of life. We should not be discouraged when we are confronted with storms of life.
  2. Another way to live above storms of life is to study the word of God regularly (Josh 1:8 and Ps 1:1–3). Let the word of God richly dwell in you. When you have the word of God in you, it will sustain you when problems and storms of life challenge your faith.
  3. Through prayer we can overcome storms of life just as Hannah did (1 Sam. 1:9–11). The story of Hannah is well known to us. She had a challenge of delayed conception. She went to God in prayer after her mate, Peninnah taunted her.
  4. Taking positive action as Ruth did. This is another positive way to live above the storms of life. Ruth confronted her fears, disappointments, and challenges with faith. Though everything looked bleak but she was not daunted. God looked favourably on her and blessed her by making a home for her.
  5. Through networking with right minds, we can overcome storms of life. Avoid people with the kind of mind Job’s wife had, people who will give you negative counsel that will demoralize you.
  6. Be determined to persevere till the end (Job 13:15; 27:5 & Ps 30:5). Determination is one key to success.
  7. Beware of advices you receives when you are passing through storms of life. People like Job’s wife could talk you out of faith.
  8. Remember that storms are not meant to last forever (Psalm 30:5). They all have their expiry dates.

Beloved, Job resigned himself to God. His understanding of life and wealth (1:20, 21) made a great difference. He saw the storms of life as a passing phase in his life. This made to overcome at last. These storms did not make him sin. Don’t give up easily when you face storms of life.
Food for Thought: In all this, Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.
Prayer: God, grant me the grace I need as I pass through storms of life.

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