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Lord, Save Us

Devotion for Thursday February 1, 2018
Topic: Lord, Save Us
Text: Matthew 8:23 – 27
Sometimes, it may seem as if God neglects us when we are in danger but it is not always so as God is always there with us when we are in danger at the right time to save us especially when we call upon Him. No wonder His words say, “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” (Psalm 50:15). Jesus entered a boat and His disciples followed Him. While they were inside the boat, the tempest arose “but He was asleep.” Some of the disciples were used to such tempest as fishermen but unfortunately, they were also frightened that they called on Jesus to come to their rescue and save them. Of course Jesus arose and rebuked the wind and the sea and there was a great calm. The disciples were marveled at that act. These passages Psalm 65:7; 89:9 and 107:29 talk about God ruling over the raging sea, and calming the storm. These are Old Testament scriptures and our text is in the New Testament showing that such acts were either prophesied or known to people of the Old Covenant as attributes of God. For the disciples to become that fearful means they have not actually come to believe that Jesus was the Messiah despite the fact that they have been with Him. For men to be fearful when following the directions of Christ, shows that they lack confidence in Him but He rebuked the storm and saved them. Do not make room for fear in your heart as a Christian. Sing SS&S 661; Abu 327
Food for Thought: One advantage of trials is to make us know our weakness, so as to oblige us to have recourse to God by faith in Christ.
Memory verse: Matthew 8:25
Prayer: God may I always recourse to you for salvation in time of trouble for you alone are my Saviour.

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