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Lord Speak To Me That I May Speak

Devotion for Friday July 27, 2018
Sing SS&S 786 (Abu 129) – Lord Speak To Me That I May Speak
Topic: Be Doers Of The Word
Text: James 1:22 – 25
I remember when I was living in a school hostel and seemed very fanatical about the bible. Each time I made a mistake or by any of my group (fellowship members), a particular student would use the statement to scold us. And when she does that, I would feel pain as if I was whipped. It is not just enough to go to church daily, bible study and hold night vigil through the week yet your life speaks the opposite of what you profess. Non-Christians expect us to live like Christ. We know from the bible that Christ our Lord is good; His works are good, His life speaks well and utterances radiate good and there is no wickedness found in Him. The early disciple radiated same charisma and that was why they were called Christians in Antioch.
To be a Christian means to live like Christ so that when you present the Word to unbelievers they will not reject it. We should note that James wrote this to Christians who attend church and hears the word of God regularly not pagans who don’t go to church nor hear the word of God. His intent was to caution those in the church who hears the word of God regularly for them to know that to hearing without doing what they heard is self-deception while the hearers and doers of the word of God are blessed.
How do we take the word we hear? Do you see the word preached as the right message for you or just meant for Mary or John? A woman who has been an old member of a church shook hands with a pastor after service one Sunday morning and said “that was a wonderful sermon, just wonderful! Everything you said applies to someone I know.” James doesn’t want us to apply the word to someone else but to apply it to ourselves. If you want blessing in your life then apply the word of God you hear or read daily into your life.
Food for Thought: Mere hearers of the word of God are self-deceivers; and self-deceit will be found to be the worst deceit at last.
Memory verse: James 1:22
Prayer Point: Help me oh Lord, to do all I hear and to learn from you total obedience to your word in Jesus name.

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