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MAINTAIN YOUR INTEGRITY: Devotion for Saturday September 24, 2016

MAINTAIN YOUR INTEGRITY: Devotion for Saturday September 24, 2016
Text: Job 27:1 – 6                  Memory verse: v 5
It was David that said in the book of Psalm that he knows his sins and his sins are ever before him. If we say that we don’t know whether we are righteous or not we are only trying to deceive ourselves. You can’t be a sinner without knowing that you are a sinner. We can only pretend that we are not but deep down in our hearts we know what we are. However, in the case of righteousness, we can claim based on what we know of ourselves but it is God who has the final say about us. His verdict is what counts at the end.
Job’s friends that came to see him provoked him to speak, and he proceeded in a grave and useful manner to defend his integrity. That was as much as he knows himself. He was specific here about his integrity. By not putting away his integrity, Job means that, as he was conscious of having led an upright life, and of being still determined to do so despite the affliction he was going through which the friends claimed came from God as a punishment for his sins. Plainly, Job asserted that he will never acknowledge the justice of the accusations which his friends brought against him. Consciousness of our integrity will give us confidence in God, and support us under any kind of trial. This was the basis of strength and peace Job enjoyed during the trial period.
In the midst of all the accusations, Job was able to declare that his conscience was clear. Only God’s forgiveness and the determination to live right before God can bring a clear conscience. Have you received that forgiveness from God which brings clear conscience? Job had to bring his record to bear as he was being accused of having sinned against God. Just like Job did, we can’t claim sinless lives, but we can claim forgiven lives. When we confess our sins to God, He forgives us. Then we can live with clear consciences (1 Jn. 1:9). Maintaining your integrity as a Christian in time of trials shows that you bear the fruit of the Spirit – Self control (Galatians 5:23). Do you maintain your integrity in times of trials; no food, when you are alone, when you are engaged and not wedded, when you don’t have money in your house and you come across money somewhere? Job is a challenge for us.
Food for Thought: “Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will” – Oliver Cromwell.
Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace to develop the virtue of integrity in me.

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