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Maximize Every Opportunity

Devotion for Saturday January 28, 2017
Topic: Maximize Every Opportunity
Text: Matthew 14:34 – 36            
In the previous chapter of Matthew (Matthew chapter 13), we read how the people of Jesus hometown despised Him and He didn’t do much miracles because of their unbelief (Devotion for Wednesday January 25th) but it was not so in the Land of Gennesaret. They were able to recognise Him and received him to their land.
In Luke chapter 5, Jesus used that Lake to preach and it was there He gave Peter and his colleagues a great catch of fish which they abandoned and followed. All those teachings and miracles were still fresh in their memory that they easily recognised Him. Thus they decided to maximize the opportunity to the fullest by bringing all manner of people with sicknesses and ailments, and they were all healed.
There are some lessons for us in our text for the day.
1) They recognised Jesus and welcomed Him. Can you recognise Jesus when you see Him or His work when you see it? Such recognition is very import to our blessings.
2) They maximized the opportunity to benefit from His presence. Most times programmes are organised and people hardly attend. They make light of the preacher and the programme. You can’t receive miracle with such mindset. You need a mindset of faith to receive.
3) They demonstrated a kind of faith that Jesus can’t deny them. They requested to touch the hem of His garment. This was similar to what the woman with the issue of blood did. If we will receive anything from God, we should approach Him with faith (Hebrews 11:6).
Often we miss so many opportunities to receive from God because we are unable to recognize when God is at work for us. We should understand that God is willing to heal, bless, save, deliver and provide, etc, for us at any moment. Don’t think that He is programmed to do some things at a particular place. As you go out today, open yourself to God and certainly, you will see Him manifesting for your good.
Food for Thought: Recognition of the person of Jesus leads to receiving of what He has to offers.
Memory verse: Matthew 14 verse 35 – And when the men of that place had knowledge of him, they sent out into all that country round about, and brought unto him all that were diseased.
Prayer: Help me to maximize every opportunity to benefit from your presence.

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