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Our Righteousness Guards Us

Devotion for Friday November 24, 2017
Topic: Our Righteousness Guards Us
Text: Proverbs 13:6
There is no virtue without reward and there is no vice without punishment. Anything we do has its recompense whether good or bad. Righteousness is a sure guide as it helped Joseph in times of trials. It leads the soul unto blessedness but sin flatters men only to reward them with disappointment and ruin. There are two facts to note in our bible passage for the day.
1) God secures people who are righteous from ruin. Those who are righteous in their ways, honest in all their actions, adhering faithfully to the sacred rules of equity, and deal sincerely both with God and man, will be kept from the temptations of Satan by their integrity. Temptations shall not prevail over them neither will the reproaches of evil men, come upon them, to do them any real mischief (Psalm 25:21). Are you in this group who are living righteous and blameless life before God and man?
2) Sinners secure for themselves ruin. Those that are wicked, even their wickedness will overthrow them at last, as they are held in the cords of their wickedness in the meantime. They will be corrected and destroyed by their own wickedness. They shall bear the consequences of their wickedness (Proverbs 11:3, 5 – 6).
Piety benefits while sin injures. Are you living the life of evil and wickedness, dubious in your character? Repent now! There are consequences ahead of such life. It may seem good to you now but the end is what counts. It is better to avoid evil now than suffer the consequences later.
Food for Thought: Will the life you are living now secure you against evil?
Memory verse: Proverbs 13:6
Prayer: Help me O Lord my God, to live a righteous and blameless life that will secure me against ruin and evil in Jesus name.

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