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Prepare For Your 2018

Devotion for Monday January 1, 2018
Topic: Prepare For Your 2018
Text: Luke 3:1 – 6
Welcome to the year 2018. Do you know that most people usually start their year unprepared? For this reason our devotions for the first two weeks are on what we can do to have a rewarding year. In our bible reading, John the Baptist as the forerunner of Jesus Christ called on the people of Judea to prepare the way for the Lord to manifest Himself for them. This implies that people who are expecting the Messiah should do something so that the Messiah will fulfill His promises. They were expected to remove every hindrance to His manifestation.
At the beginning of the year like this, we should take a stock of how we lived in the previous year, observing where we failed and where we did well. Those areas we didn’t do well should be worked on. Again, there are things that hinder the manifestation of Christ in our lives and families. We might have indulged in one sin or another thus distorting our relationship with God. We should amend our ways and live rightly so that our relationship with God will be smooth.
What are those valleys to be filled and those mountains and hills that we ought to bring low; the crooked places to be made straight and the rough ways to be made smooth so that we can see the salvation, deliverance and blessings of God in our lives this year? Think about them as you Sing SS&S 363.
Food for Thought: What do you think will hinder the manifestation of God’s salvations and blessings in your life this year?
Memory verse: Isaiah 40:3
Prayer: God, grant me the grace to prepare my heart for you to dwell in this year and always in Jesus name.

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