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REGARD YOUR MAKER: Devotion for Saturday October 15, 2016

REGARD YOUR MAKER: Devotion for Saturday October 15, 2016
Text: 1 Chronicle 17:1 – 14     Memory verse: 1 Chronicle 17 verse 1 
Any true Christian will not be contented with being blessed rather he will also want to do all he can for the honour of God and the good of mankind. What is statement means is that the person who is blessed will not be selfish with his blessing and will always acknowledge God as the source of his blessings. Such person will not want to rest until he uses his blessings to serve God and humanity. One reason God blesses us is to be a channel of blessing to others too.
David being at rest in his palace, considered how he might best employ his leisure and prosperity in the service of God. He formed a design to build a temple for the Ark of the Covenant. When he presented the idea to Nathan the prophet, initially he didn’t speak as a prophet who had received words from God, but as a godly man, encouraging David in his proposition to build a temple until God spoke otherwise (1 Chronicle 17:3–15).
What Nathan did was not wrong. Such encouragement is needed when we meet with people who have ideas on how best to promote God’s work. As Christians, we ought to do all we can to encourage and promote the good purposes and designs of others, and, as we have opportunity, to forward a good work. This is what promotes unity, love, peace and development in a society.
Have you been blessed by God and you feel unconcerned about the situation of your church? Are you blessed and you don’t consider doing anything for God, His Church, His servants, the needy and the less privileged in the society? God is saying to you today through Haggai; consider your ways (Haggai 1:7). A true Christian cannot be comfortable when God’s house is in ruins; when the church needs money for evangelism and mission.
Do you regard God who gave you the wealth you are enjoying now? Then do something to glorify Him. Do you think the peace you are enjoying is because you deserve it? They are all gift from God. Do something as a regard for God who has blessed you. I have seen individuals build churches. You can do similar thing too. You can support this production of this daily devotional. You will never lose your reward.
Food for Thought: Regard for God’s blessing is an appreciation for His grace upon us.
Prayer: Lord, help me not to be selfish with your blessings upon my life.

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